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We specialise in the creation of multilingual content dedicated to the iGaming sector. The company has been operating in the market for 16 years, with offices in Italy and Malta..

Since 2020, we have been part of Qontent Group, a leading translation and localization company.

Our strengths include managing quality content quickly, regardless of its complexity. 

The process is controlled with the help of cutting-edge technology and by a staff always at your disposal. In addition, the highest quality standards are guaranteed by the ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 quality management systems.

That’s why the most prominent iGaming players have decided to bet on us.










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iGaming Translation & Localization in 100 languages

In today’s highly competitive environment, localized translations can make the difference between success and failure. That’s why you need the best top-notch service from the outset. Here at 1Stop Translations, we help you reach a broader audience with the right tone and quality for maximum impact and engagement.

 iGaming content is like no other and requires expert knowledge in the field and the latest developments. As your translation service provider, here at 1Stop Translations, our team of experienced iGaming linguists and copywriters can translate and create localized content that’s highly effective for online sportsbooks and casinos and will captivate your readers and keep them engaged. We make sure you get your point across in the most appealing way for your target customers.

 Our Gambling and Casino Translation Services

 We offer swift delivery and competitive prices, and our localization and content creation services are tailored to the iGaming Industry. Moreover, we ensure that you always get the best service by designing processes with your delivery needs.


 When localizing your content, we know it is not just about language: your target audience culture also plays a crucial role. Translation and localization services at 1Stop Translations are by native speakers who reside in various countries around the globe. That’s why we can guarantee to get across your intended message with absolute clarity.

 Types of iGaming Translations

 We cover a wide range of casino related topics for translation and localization in over 100 languages for iGaming including,


  • Online Lottery
  • Online Bingo
  • Online Casino
  • Blogging
  • Mobile Games
  • Online Poker
  • Online Slots
  • eSports
  • Social Games
  • Sports Betting
  • Horse Racing
  • Legal documents
  • Financial documents
  • Marketing (websites, press releases, email campaigns)
  • Affiliate Websites
  • Social Media

Multilingual DTP

Multilingual Desktop Publishing (DRP) is a typesetting process whereby documents or promotional material are translated from the source material into several target languages for multiple countries or regions. 1Stop Translations provides competitive multilingual publishing services in several languages. Our publishing specialists use the latest industry-standard desktop tools, with comprehensive support for DTP on all platforms, including Windows, Linux, and Mac. Apart from regular publishing and graphic design, our professional DTP team provides the following benefits.


  • In-depth knowledge of typographical conventions and international layout issues
  • Understanding of multilingual documentation, character set issues and language
  • Extensive knowledge of single-source publishing
  • Technical experience of markup languages – HTML and XML


Once translation and editing are complete, our publishing team will begin the DTP production process. First, the DTP team formats localised text to match the English layout. Then, they adjust fonts, graphics, and tables and update tables of contents, indexes, and all other links according to international typographical rules and industry-standard practices.

 Our Multilingual DTP process involves converting and adapting existing document or publication text into other languages. The first step is translating the written text into the target languages. The texts are then typeset into the translated texts. Finally, the required output is available in digital or print form.


Legal Translations

Legal translations demand in-depth knowledge of the law and legal terminology. Certified legal translations require accuracy and skills. Legal translations are highly sensitive, and you may need a declaration and certification by a legal translator. Whether you are translating a testimony or legal document for a court of law, they need to be translated with the highest standards intended for institutions that insist on credibility and high quality. We work with law firms, private equity firms, banking organizations, auditing and accounting firms, real estate developers, immigration lawyers, and many clients who depend on us for their legal translation needs.

Not every translation company can provide legal translations, only the most reliable ones like 1Stop Translations, since we have all the legal knowledge. The translation has to clear the scrutiny of a legal office, so only the best translators in the business can do the job well. We use two translators for every assignment. The first one translates the document, then the second proofreads and edits the translation. Internal quality control processes take in ISO best practices for translations to accurately capture and convey the source document’s information and intent. It is especially critical for translations in domains such as legal, medical, technical documentation, and accounting, where inaccurate translations can lead to vast repercussions like loss of business, or God forbid, loss of life.

Notarized Translations

A notary republic stamps a notarized translation for authenticity. The officer of oaths seals the certificate of accuracy that the translator provides. The notary public essentially affirms the translation, adding an extra layer to the certified translation. Legal offices often insist on certifying or notarising translations submitted to their offices to ensure their credibility of the translation isn’t open to question.


SEO Translations

Search engine optimization is essential for effective translations. It helps you to gain potential customers at home and abroad. Content is king; however, getting your content in front of the right audience is far more critical to create effective SEO-friendly web pages. That way, search engines can identify what your website is selling. Analyzing the search terms leading to your page and optimizing your page content and metadata can help to drive more traffic to your site.

1Stop Translations can optimize your H1 titles, meta page titles, descriptions, and the actual body text on the page. We can help you create a Google Ad campaign from the initial keywords research to create the ad text together. If your website isn’t translated yet, it’s worth making at least a localized landing page for your ads to ensure a seamless user experience and minimize bounce rates.

Global Team of Linguists

Our global team of linguists uses the Google keyword planner to research your focus keywords and find equivalent terms in the local language. We make sure your audience discovers you for the correct phrases relevant to your products and services and enough search volume for each word. At 1-Stop Translations, we support you with regular reviews and optimization of your campaigns. We enrich your SEO endeavors with international keyword research.


CMS Content Uploading

A content management system is an efficient software application that runs through a web browser. CMS provides a graphical user interface to create and manage a website without coding it from scratch. Nevertheless, the content needs to be uploaded and updated for it to be effective.

At 1Stop Translations, our talented team can customize your website design and modify pre-built templates and extensions. The service includes other functions such as content management, image storage, web page creation, and modification. Our content creators can create posts, web pages, and text-based files such as PDF documents, effectively organize your website pages, images, videos, text, audio files, and other file types. We can upload and edit the content with your prior approval and migrate your existing content into a new CMS.

The job may entail creating web pages from scratch, creating images, copying all text, video uploads, and links to your existing website. If the site is multi-language, we’ll need to ensure the translated text is localized and SEO optimized. We pay attention to every detail, so all your content is accurate. After your website is set up and full of refreshing content, we move on to the more mundane tasks and daily CMS routines.


App Localization

There are more than a million apps on Android and iOS mobile stores. With rapid smartphone penetration increasing mobile app usage worldwide, what’s the best way to capitalize on this growth? At 1Stop Translations, we can help you leverage the opportunities with app localization. You can maximize your global visibility and multiply your downloads by translating your mobile app and localizing it to different regions. Mobile app localization will undoubtedly boost your App Store rankings, increase downloads and grow international revenue. App localization refers to adapting the interface and functionality of a mobile application to suit foreign language markets.

Mobile app localization aims to take linguistic, cultural, and technical differences into consideration without changing the original functionality of the actual application. Essentially, your app is available to millions of potential new users, and that’s the power of app localization. 90% of the apps listed on the App Store leaderboards are localized. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that users prefer to download and use apps in their native language. The Apple and Google App Stores are currently available in more than 150 countries and support 40 languages. If you want to maximize your app’s revenue, you’re going to have to think bigger than just the English-speaking market.


Content Writing

Our content writers at 1Stop Translations are all professionals, so whether you are a small business or a large corporation, we provide the quality you need at any scale.

Content for Websites

Website content could incorporate text or copy for the website, and every web page is valuable marketing gold. It must only contain high-value, concise content. Our professional copywriters utilize SEO techniques targeting your audience and demographic research in your custom web content creation.

Article Writing

Articles can be news or magazine editorials or impart factual information from an unbiased perspective, containing links to sources for fact support. Our research staff and writers ensure your content is of the highest quality.

Product & Service Descriptions

Product and service descriptions vary widely and could be SEO optimized with sales copywriting. They convey the information that targets your customers. Our e-commerce descriptions elicit excitement, urging an immediate commitment.

Blog Writing

Blog posts are integral to the success of your website. Blog content may be promotional and can impart high-value information. Our 1Stop Translations blog writers include Google-approved keyword optimization methods that pass quality filters and rank high.

Your website is your most precious commodity and a highly effective marketing tool. Your content should resonate with visitors; otherwise, the business will suffer. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, and the content should send the right message to your target audience. Let our experienced 1Stop Translations content creators provide the answers you need to be successful.


Social Media Content

Using social media for marketing is a science that requires skill and in-depth knowledge of how and why users engage with your content and the thought process of a user that converts to a customer. With social media, you can use power over your audience if you understand how to use the tools available. That’s why hiring an expert in social media is frequently the right move. The expectation of engagement doesn’t end online, which is why content planning, publishing, auditing, and employment have genuinely become full-time jobs. With our 1Stop Translations experts assisting you, you’ll have the advantage of knowing that your social media efforts include relevant data, goals, and marketing best practices. You’ll be better prepared to begin working on a content marketing strategy for use on social media.

Our knowledgeable team of social media experts and content creators are here to turn your social media channels into a source of sales and long-term success. We’re ready to assist you with your social media marketing, helping you navigate the digital content creation landscape with more confidence. If your brand doesn’t have a single social media account, zero followers, or is starting from scratch with no content, don’t worry. You can only go up from there. Social media is one of your most valuable marketing tools now and in the future.


Website Localization

Language conversion can be intimidating since a machine or Google translate won’t do the job correctly. Therefore, professional writing and intimate knowledge of various cultural sensibilities are vital. We can create something that you can be proud of within a quick turnaround time: a functional and stylishly translated website for your target market.

Our team will ensure your content is localised to perfection to ensure your website functions to its full potential while maintaining the original style to adjust for cultural nuances.

We follow SEO Best Practices to ensure new customers will find your site after launch. We can assist you in converting your website into another language and establish an effective international online presence. Our in-depth experience and attention to detail will allow you to stand out against the rest.

Localization is essential for a website to be accessible for users with a different native language. We also offer other types of Localization, such as software localization and multimedia localization, and related services.


Certified Translations

A certified translation requires a translation company that attests in writing that the translation is accurate to the best of their knowledge and ability. To ensure the highest standards of our certified translations, we include notarizing documents and issuing a Certificate of Accuracy.

We can provide you with fast, professional notarised, and certified translations for Divorce, Birth or Marriage Certificates, Adoption Documents, School and Dissertation Transcripts, Diplomas, and more. Our bilingual, native language translators guarantee the highest quality of translation services in the industry in over 100 languages. We provide fast, accurate, and legally certified translations.

Since Certified Translations are documents intended for official authorities and legal purposes, they are admissible in a Court of Law, Schools and Universities, Police, Immigration, and other official capacities. Their accuracy must be beyond question; furthermore, our team of experts uses several effective techniques to eliminate the possibility of fraud. Our qualified bilingual translators specialize in their field and go through four steps: translation, proofreading, editing, and formatting. Therefore, you can trust our translations to be accurate enough for governmental bodies and academic organizations.

Here at 1StopTranslations, we hold ourselves to the highest standards by providing a 100% accurate, certified translation in compliance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2017 standards.


Casino & Game Reviews

Our goal at 1Stop Translations is to ensure you get top-quality iGaming content. You’ll work with our team of dedicated game reviewers who are experts in iGaming, so you can be sure of getting the best quality. Without a doubt, you will find a lot of game review writers out there. If you want the best results, you will need to work with experienced writers to deliver the best game reviews for online casinos and games. That’s what you will get when you choose to work with 1Stop Translations.

We have expert casino game reviewers ready to deliver, and we will complete your orders before the deadline. At 1Stop Translations, we review different casino games, including online slots and regular table games such as blackjack, craps, poker, and roulette. It doesn’t end there, as we can review live dealer casino games too. When you request a review, we will work with you to deliver the best result.

Each review we write is according to your instructions and preferred tone. We have a team of iGaming experts with years of experience writing search engine optimized and plagiarism-free casino game reviews. We ensure that the services we offer at 1Stop Translations are consistently outstanding and that our clients receive excellent value. With us, you will get the best game reviews for online casinos.


Mobile Game Localization

Mobile Game Localization has become a must in today’s global business environment. The rise of mobile gaming has led to a broader market base with new opportunities and benefits. A mobile game is essentially a video game specifically designed to operate on mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, and compatible electronic devices. In the highly competitive iGaming industry, mobile game localization enables you to expand your market reach, permitting you to promote your services, products, and mobile games to the four corners of the globe. In addition, you can offer your game in multiple languages to reach an increasingly more diverse clientele of gamers.

Localization is critical for your mobile games to gain new audiences. Apple requires its games to be available in at least 14 languages, including Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, and Russian. Although it may seem straightforward to localize your in-app dialogue for text-light games, story-driven games invariably require lengthier translation processes. You’ll need to translate local puns, slang and take cultural nuances of the language into account. In any case, translating and localizing your mobile game is just part of the localization process. App Store optimization is vital for your mobile game app to succeed in several territories.

The 1Stop Translations Process

Our mobile app localization process involves assigning a team of highly experienced gaming industry experts to take care of your project. We work with you to identify key demographics and find a unique solution that accurately translates the game texts to impact local users positively; thereby, increasing your future game sales or profits. In addition, our 1Stop Translations experts will work within industry guidelines to ensure the game localization is successful and builds a lasting impression with your target audience.


Multilingual Chatbots

Multilingual chatbots are highly effective for localized communication, especially in areas such as customer support. Users can communicate in their native language, creating higher value for your business. Multilingual chatbots help you stay ahead of the curve, giving you an edge over your competitors. They have become indispensable to reach multiple global markets.

Using multilingual chatbots in customer support can troubleshoot problems for business users and assist in a language they are comfortable using. A Multilingual Chatbot allows your business to converse with users in various languages, thereby enhancing engagement. Traditional chatbot technology was limited to one language, and users of other languages needed separate chatbots or would repeatedly switch language preferences. Multilingual chatbots can converse in multiple languages, and not only translations. A chatbot must be aware of the end-user’s culture and understand regional nuances to speak in various tongues effectively. According to recent research, most customers prefer to interact in their native language, despite being multilingual. That is all part of the multilingual chatbot development process at 1Stop Translations.

Multilingual chatbots are the most effective and cost-effective manner to meet the demand. Chatbots help to troubleshoot problems in a language which an individual is comfortable using. The savings can be considerable since you avoid having to recruit resources with different language proficiency. In addition, a multilingual bot switches effortlessly between one language to another, thereby enhancing and personalizing the user experience.


Proofreading & Assessment

Do you need to have your texts reviewed or the quality of your content assessed? At 1Stop Translations, we can help by proofreading your translation or original text to ensure it is error-free. Our team of professional proofreaders will come in handy. The texts we proofread are critically edited before final submissions to ensure they are grammatically and stylistically correct, as well as logically constructed.

By adding a proofreading step to your project, our competent proofreaders will ensure that your translations are flawless by checking spellings, grammar, consistency and logic. Our aim at 1Stop Translations is to ensure your translations are spot on and proofread to the highest standards.

At 1Stop Translations we can also help you assess your texts to ensure they follow your standards and requirements in terms of style, grammar, and fluency. If you have content written in a language you don’t speak and you want to make sure it meets your standards, our native linguists are your solution! We can help you assessing a wide variety of texts such as translation tests, candidates’ tasks, SEO content and much more based on your requirements and guidelines.

Our proofreading and assessment services have helped several clients choosing their own in-house writers among many candidates as well as improving their multilingual content.



Persuasive copywriting powers an online business. You may have achieved a product and market fit with your supply in place, and you may even have an automated sales funnel. Without compelling website copy, you have no electricity in play. Nothing is as effective as pulling in genuine users through your funnel. At 1Stop Translations, we are here to flip that electricity switch on for your customers and business.

We take your information and make it tangible. In doing so, you’ll communicate your value, connect with your customers, and increase your revenue. The primary objective of website copywriting is to create a core message that clearly articulates your value. Your secondary goal is to connect your business’s value and transfer that to your customers in a tangible manner. Persuasive copywriting bridges the gap between your company’s value and your customers’ needs. That will result in an immediate increase in conversions and revenue.

Suppose you need rewrites for soft copy or new website copy written from scratch. In that case, we will provide you with the best possible starting point, helping you communicate your value and connect with your customers. Break the vortex of mediocrity and see what it’s like to experience stellar communication and expert storytelling that goes further than mere coherent words.



Transcreation has become the most effective way for businesses to ensure their creative efforts pay off equally. It is essentially a creative translation, so the translator working on your project has some creative license. Transcreation goes beyond the standard translation services to provide content with life and appeal for the target market by adding cultural references and local phrases.

The result is content that doesn’t appear to be translated but just written primarily for the intended audience. To keep our services top-notch quality, we stay in touch with innovations in the industry and keep up to date with the technology and software. That allows us to constantly improve and provide the best translations possible while honing our abilities to localize all content to the region where clients will consume it.

One of our main targets with every job is to ensure your translated text not only reads well and holds the same tone as the original but is in line with your target audience. We perform this task for every translation, from communications to advertising to legal documentation. At 1Stop Translations, we keep all translations in context and work hard to avoid any issues arising from miscommunication.


Game Testing

Increasing diversity in gaming platforms, games, and worldwide players has created a competitive yet lucrative field. Our 1Stop Translations team of professional game testers is knowledgeable about the entire gaming ecosystem across all platforms including desktop, mobile devices, tablets, console, phablets, and even cloud gaming. We use detailed testing strategies that meticulously incorporate industry standards. We can integrate the Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless within our testing processes.

These are a few of the benefits of working with 1Stop Translations for your game testing needs.

● We use defined and structured methodologies, best practice, and accelerators to test games.
● Our team of experienced game testers work to recreate all possible scenarios with the requisite tools.
● Mobile testing service for devices supporting various OS systems.

The challenges game console manufacturers and developers face include a structured approach for game testing and user-based testing on various handsets and platforms, including the user interface. The game testing process includes betting, event selection and compiling odds, blocking events, odds changes, monitoring and managing risks, live betting, transaction integrity, and responsible gaming.

Our professional team of game testers at 1Stop Translations can play a crucial role in ensuring the success of your gaming enterprises in a fiercely competitive gaming ecosystem. The ultimate objective of a flawless customer experience is to retain gamers. We at 1Stop Translations will ensure that you successfully achieve your goals.



Everyone has a unique story, and yours could be much more powerful than you realise. We can bring your brand to life and transform the intangible into tangible. Are you struggling to demonstrate your product or have complex software you need to demo? Do you want your target audience to retain information about your brand? Our team of professional motion graphics designers at 1Stop Translations has years of experience creating animations for various industries and access to a world of tools that power their creativity. Animations can make your brand far more engaging and interactive. That makes them powerful assets you can share on social media and distribute via email and host on your website.

Our Process

We start by examining your prospects and their languages and work closely with you and your team to conceptualise your product from start to finish serving user intent. Then, we customise your animations to your audience, business needs and marketing goals.

Scripting Creativity

Our editorial team is adept at writing short-form scripts necessary for structuring your animations and explaining complex ideas in straightforward and understandable terms.


After you approve the script, we move to the storyboarding, which is where your ideas get to flourish. The storyboard visualises everything on the screen to get a strong sense of the animated video. All the relevant features are included in the process, such as colours, backgrounds, video cues, narration, sound effects, characters and movements. Our 1Stop Translations animators will connect you with your prospects, turning them into sales-ready leads.



Interpreting services are an integral part of our work at 1Stop Translations. Interpreting services involve spoken communication undertaken by a professional language interpreter to convey your message from the original speaker’s language and translate it into the listener’s language. That intricate task requires a skilled language interpreter to wholly preserve the speaker’s tone and convey the meaning behind the message.

Interpreting is an audible communication method where one or more messages are spoken aloud. For the service to be effective, the interpreter can communicate via phone or video chat to relay the original message. If the interpreter can hear the spoken message, understands the subject matter, and is fluent in the source and both languages, the result is a clear and accurate interpretation.

Whether you require interpreting for a conference, a seminar, a go-between to interpret during a business meeting, or perhaps using an uncommon language, at 1Stop Translations, we will hook you up with the most skilled interpreters you may need for any situation.



Adding subtitles to your images and videos makes them far more accessible and practical. Our team at 1Stop Translations consists of professional transcriptionists, diligent proofreaders, and customer support operatives. In addition, our localization team has years of experience and technical knowledge to support your organization with the engineering aspects that are necessary to deliver a top-quality captioned video.

At 1Stop Translations, we can create subtitles from scratch or translate them from their original language. Then, we will integrate that into your video experience. We have a QA check before sending the final video with captions to you, and we can translate the script to fit the video images. Our localization experts will ensure the captions are clear and accurate to guarantee we overlook nothing; that way, you get an outstanding and highly competitive product. We continually enhance the quality of our transcription services to ensure the best possible results.

Subtitling services are highly beneficial for individuals with a hearing impairment and are vital in providing equal access to everyone, thereby portraying a professional image for your company. Our skilled subtitlers will help you learn a new language, and the service can target an audience from a different country. Video subtitling can enhance your image and help your target audience know about your products or services.





Online gaming is a prevalent form of gambling, and includes spinning reels, shooting dice, and table games, and other games of chance. Casino and slot reviews, game guides, and localization can propel your content to another level, drawing more customers to your site. Slot reviews are beneficial in attracting online gamblers; therefore, posting them can lead to more visitors to your site. The most popular online games include slot machines, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, poker, and craps, while some online casinos have also live dealer games with an immersive atmosphere and interactive environment. If yours is one of them, contact us at 1Stop Translations, and we will create content for you or translate your existing copy.


Sports betting is the most established form of gambling, and online sports betting has evolved into a worldwide phenomenon and popular leisure activity. Sportsbooks are increasingly going international, and related content and appropriately translated promotions can enhance the product and attract more users. The most famous online sports betting games are horse racing, soccer, American football, basketball, baseball, and cricket. Creating copy to promote features such as live in-play betting, odds comparisons, and betting markets shows users that your website is serious and committed to a user-friendly experience in different languages.


Esports events rank among the most popular entertainment shows worldwide, and users can place bets on most esports matches and tournaments, including Dota 2, League of Legends, Mortal Kombat, and FIFA. Esports betting is essentially placing bets on professional gamers and teams competing in professional tournaments. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that your website has accurate and localized translations. Online gambling contains several niches, like virtual sports and games; however, esports overtakes them in popularity, so paying attention to accurate representations can pay rich dividends.


Technology has revolutionized the online gaming industry for years, making strides in all market areas in ways we never thought possible. However, things have evolved rapidly in more recent times with the introduction of Fintech. The new technology is designed with automations used to improve the user experience and assist consumers and businesses with financial transactions. Having accurate translations in this area will enable users to relax and play online games. They don’t want to mess around with translating login details, passwords, or credit card procedures. Even worse, an inaccurate translation can cause havoc. Translations for Fintech improve that scenario, and ensure users get the correct information.


Today there is a lot of talk about Blockchain technology. We are in a historical moment in which this innovation is attracting global attention with Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Blockchain Platforms, Smart Contracts and much more. The applications of the Blockchain are relevant in numerous sectors and are characterized by disintermediation and decentralization. This innovation is entering the banking, legal, financial institutions and many other industries. Trust us to translate perfectly localized content with the innovative terminologies of the sector.



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